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September 10, 2011

Enhance Your ID Badge and ID Card Security

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4 Ways to Enhance Your ID Badge & Card Security

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Having a strong access control system involves more than just issuing and checking ID badges. You must also be vigilant in protecting your badges from theft, tampering and counterfeiting.

1) Consider badge holders. They’re simple and inexpensive, but many organizations overlook the value of badge clips, lanyards and other holders. By making it easy for your staff and visitors to wear their badges at all times, they are far less likely to forget or misplace them.

2) Laminate. Lamination is the single most effective way to improve not only the security, but the durability of your ID cards. Any attempt to tamper with a laminated ID would result in the card being destroyed, as the layers would be irreparably torn apart. Plus, it provides an added obstacle for anyone trying to reproduce your badges.

3) Add visual cues. When you look at a $20 bill, you see elaborate illustrations and border designs. A trained bank employee sees dozens of visual cues that help identify an authentic bill. You can use the same techniques in your ID badge design. From low-tech, low-cost strategies like micro text or hidden pictures, symbols or patterns worked into your background design, to more elaborate tactics, like color shifting ink, UV-reactive marks, or holographic inlays and overlaminates, there are a variety of ways to make your badges more difficult to replicate.

4) Protect your supplies. It may sound obvious, but many organizations don’t adequately control access to their ID badge printers, software and card stock. Make sure there’s no opportunity for these vital components to be used by unauthorized personnel.


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